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PIPE SET - Suction Cup

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PIPE SET - Suction Cup Interstoves. Install your pellet stove with a concentric connection system wall exit


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It is important to check when opening the box set that you are in possession of all the following parts:

  • x1 - Adjustable wall collar 50-80 mm
  • x1 - Straight element of 1000 mm
  • x1 - Straight element of 500 mm
  • x1- Horizontal Terminal pipe
  • x1 - 87 ° Elbow
  • x1 - Tee 90 * for smoke stove 80 mm Female
  • x1 - Tee 90 * for air G60 mm Male
  • x1 - Silicone seal for connexion on smoke tee
  • x1 - Air supply flexible length 1 m to connect air on the stove x2 - Stainless steel black rosette in 2 parts


T450 - N1- D - V2 - L50040 - G (100) (fuels solids)

CHARACTERISTICS Specially designed for wood pellet stoves, the concentric flue makes it possible to simultaneously connect the smoke evacuation and the supply of air necessary for the pellet stove to operate.


Interior wall: AISI 316L Exterior wall: AISI 304 DIAMETER (mm) Inside 80 / Outside 125

CONNEXION SYSTEM - Male to female connection with 60 mm - Safety flanges included


  • Working temperature up to 450°C
  • Continuous TIG / LASER welding on all parts
  • Safety flanges included
  • The system is systematically installed without gasket (Only one gasket is provided for the internal connection of the smoke tee to be connected to the smoke oùtlet of the appliance)


The horizontal concentric system should be used on a wood pellet stove.

Provide the horizontal outlet in zone 3 at a minimum equivalent height of 2 meters from the external ground The horizontal system can be installed on existing installations Indoor installation only

This type of installation must be carried out on pellet stoves

The system holds a DTA CSTB 14/16 - 2233

The safety distance to combustible materials must be at least 10 cm

  1. Use a fine disc grinder to cut stainless steel if you need to cut it
  2. Draw your cutting drawing directly on the terminal at the desired distance - reminder: the terminal must exit outside 40 cm
  3. Offset the removable interior stiffener beyond the intended cutting pattern
  4. Cut the outer wall
  5. Repeat operations 2 and 4 for cuüutting the inner wall


Tee 90 for smoke outlet.

A gasket is provided and must be installed on the inside of the tee. It can handle slight overpressure when starting the device.

The tee is supplied with its inspection element

Tee 90 ? for air supply: it is installed directly on the smoke tee.

The air supply flexible length is connected between the tapping of the 90 *° tee for air inlet and the air inlet on the appliance.

The wall collar can be installed either at the level of the straight element of 500 mm and that of 1000 mm

Then position the straight element of 500 mm, then the straight element of 1000 mm

The elbow will allow the connection between the right element of 1000 mm and the horizontal terminal cutable 

Position of terminal

Prohibition zone in relation to a roof overhang.

d> 6 m from the property line in the absence of a neighboring dwelling d> 3 min relation to any obstacle (wall,


d> 3 m compared to the facade of a neighboring house d> 3 min relation to the facade of a neighboring house without opening or air inlet Minimum distance to a neighboring dwelling

With respect to a re-entrant angle, prohibition zone with an adjoining adjacent wall Prohibition zone with respect to the ground Prohibition zone with respect to an opening Compared to an opening, the terminal must be positioned at 2m 

Air inlet diameter
2.36 inches
Interior wall material
Inox 316L
Thickness of inner wall
0,4 mm / 0,4 mm
Diameter of the system
80 mm / 125 mm
Operating temperature
450 C°
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PIPE SET - Suction Cup

PIPE SET - Suction Cup Interstoves. Install your pellet stove with a concentric connection system wall exit


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