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Gamme Pro MAJ 2023

copy of ROMEO Hybride

Overall power
Thermal power (at nominal power)
10 KW
Thermal power (at reduced power)
Efficiency (at nominal power)
89 %
Efficiency (at reduced power)
Rendement Saisonnier
Smoke temperatures (at nominal power)
Smoke temperatures (at reduced power)
168,8 °F
CO at 13% O2
CO at 13% O2 (at nominal power)
CO at 13% O2 (at reduced power)
Draught min. and max.
10 - 12 Pa
Tank pellet capacity
33.08 lb
Pellet consumption (at nominal power)
2 kg/h
Pellet consumption (at reduced power)
Max. Autonomy
Until 15h
Air inlet diameter
1.97 inches
Smoke exit diameter
5.91 inches
Size (H x W x D)
Supply voltage and frequency
230 V - 50 Hz
Flow of the pressure blower
Débit du ventilateur en option*
Index l'
Stand-by mode
Pellet size
0.24 x 1.18 inches
330,75 lb
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copy of ROMEO Hybride

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