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Luxe range

GENOVA 9KW - Sealed

The GENOVA 9KW pellet stove, a neat design with Interstoves manufacturing quality

This stove is certified CSTB, Eco Design 2022 and Green Flamme 7*


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The GENOVA 9KW stove benefits from the latest technical innovations

316 L stainless steel crucible. Used in aeronautics, 316 L stainless steel is the most robust material. With classic steel, this part has a limited using

Noise cancelling system. This system reduces the noise of pellets when they fall into the brazier and improves combustion

Explosion proof system. Door opening of 1 cm if overpressure. No risk of explosion

Protection of the burning chamber. The thickness of the steel is very important for the lifetime of your heating body. A traditional stove has a thickness of about 3 mm. Our Luxury range is equipped with 3 mm + 4 mm burning chamber

Safety handle. For maximum safety and a perfect aesthetic. Safety system to cut the stove in case of opening

Every 45 minutes, self-cleaning the brazier (power increase for 30 seconds). Principle of pyrolysis on an electric oven

It is fitted as standard with a remote control (included) and a MICRONOVA regulation. Possibility of programming over 7 days, with different operating times.

Stove equipped with an ambient probe, which allows you to choose between 2 functions, the «stand-by» mode or «modulation». 

  • Stand-by mode will allow the stove to stop at the requested temperature and restart when it comes down.
  • Modulation mode will be automatically regulated without ever stopping. The choice between these two modes is made according to the configuration of your home.

On the control screen, visualize the smoke temperatures, ambient temperature, temperature requested and power in order to optimize the operation. At shutdown, test system of each component of the stove.

Front ventilation with possibility to adjust the ventilation speed to be as quiet as possible

Sealed stove with stove cut-off system if pellet tank or door opening

Remote controled included

Thanks to the WIFI option, you can : 

  • Turn on/turn off the stove from anywhere
  • Increase/decrease power
  • Increase/decrease temperature
  • View the ambient temperature  
  • It’s all done through an APPLE or ANDROID app wherever and whenever you want. This app can be used on many phones
Thermal power (at nominal power)
8.70 kw
Thermal power (at reduced power)
3.50 kw
Efficiency (at rated power)
88.4 %
Efficiency (at reduced power)
88.30 %
Smoke temperatures at rated power
151 C°
Smoke temperatures at reduced power
96.4 C°
CO2 (at rated power)
8.92 %
CO2 (at reduced power)
4.84 %
CO at 13% O2 (nominal power)
0.013 %
CO at 13% O2 (at reduced power)
0.024 %
Speed of smoke (nominal power)
7.5 g/s
Speed of smoke (reduced power)
5.7 g/s
Draught min. and max.
9 - 10.5 Pa
Tank pellet capacity
20 kg
Pellet consumption (at nominal power)
2.1 kg/h
Pellet consumption (at reduced power)
0.75 kg/h
Autonomy max.
Until 25h
Air inlet diameter
40 mm
Smoke exit diameter
80 mm
Supply voltage and frequency
230 V - 50 Hz
Consumption Min - Max
80 - 380 W
Flow of the pressure blower
190 m3/h
Stand-by mode
Size (HXLXP)
Pellet size
6X30 mm
100 kg
De 30 à 47 dB
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GENOVA 9KW - Sealed

The GENOVA 9KW pellet stove, a neat design with Interstoves manufacturing quality

This stove is certified CSTB, Eco Design 2022 and Green Flamme 7*


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