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ARIANNA 13 (MOD 13 CONC E A) Étanche - Sortie Dessus

Features : 

  • Possibility of programming over 7 days, with different operating time slots.
  • Stove equipped with an ambient probe, which allows you to choose between 2 functions, "stand-by" or "modulation" mode. The choice between these two modes is made according to the configuration of your home.
  • The "stand-by" mode will allow the stove to stop when it reaches the requested temperature and restart when it comes down.
  • The "modulation" mode will regulate itself automatically without ever stopping.

WiFi BOX option

With your phone and an Apple or Android application you can :

  • Switch the stove on / off from anywhere
  • Increase / decrease power
  • Increase / decrease temperature
  • View the ambient temperature

This app can be installed on multiple phones.


Also to control your stove remotely, when you are at home.

Overall power
13,1 KW
Thermal power (at nominal power)
11,9 KW
Thermal power (at reduced power)
4,6 KW
Efficiency (at nominal power)
Efficiency (at reduced power)
96.3 %
Rendement Saisonnier
Smoke temperatures (at nominal power)
343.4 °F
Smoke temperatures (at reduced power)
169.52 °F
CO at 13% O2
102 mg/Nm3
CO at 13% O2 (at nominal power)
0.008 %
CO at 13% O2 (at reduced power)
0.051 %
13 mg/Nm3
121 mg/Nm3
13 mg/Nm3
Speed of smoke (at nominal power)
0.254 oz/s
Speed of smoke (at reduced power)
0.109 oz/s
Draught min. and max.
10 - 12 Pa
Tank pellet capacity
52.92 lb
Pellet consumption (at nominal power)
5.95 lb/h
Pellet consumption (at reduced power)
2.18 lb/h
Max. Autonomy
Until 24h
Air inlet diameter
125 mm
Smoke exit diameter
3.15 inches
Size (H x W x D)
40.55 x 19.49 x 16.93 inches
Supply voltage and frequency
230 V - 50 Hz
Consumption Min - Max
50 - 380 W
Flow of the pressure blower
245 m3/h
Index l'
Stand-by mode
Pellet size
0.24 x 1.18 inches
275.63 lb
Score ARIANNA 13 (MOD 13 CONC E A) Étanche - Sortie Dessus
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ARIANNA 13 (MOD 13 CONC E A) Étanche - Sortie Dessus

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